About us

We are a group of leading independent business advisors and IT consultants with experience across a variety of industries and with years of international experience having worked for some of the worlds most renowned consulting firms. We are accustomed to working within complex delivery models, tight deadlines and budgets. We are a syndicate of freelancers gathered together under one roof. This flexible structure enables us to put together the right executive team according to our clients needs and any given nature of project.

What we offer

We offer professional management consulting, focused on analytical and consulting services, grant advisory (EU Funnd), complex project management, design, development, enterprise solutions, management information systems, web and mobile applications and outsourcing services.

We provide a wide range of flexible services and cooperation models in the segment of ICT, from outsourcing to personal/team leasing and project delivery, made up of talented multilingual professionals and technologically savvy IT experts.

Not only do our syndicate of consultants bring years of experience in professional services in the world of ICT across the Central and Eastern European market place, but a strong synergy and exchange of knowledge within our partner organization - sharing group know-how. Collectively we have designed and built a solid foundation of specialist consultants who guarantee professional work.

Within our framework of hiring IT experts, we cover a wide range of industries, ranging from telecommunications, energy, financial services, transport, in both public and private sectors, and software development.


We provide comprehensive services, from ad-hoc to full-scale and complex projects in both the public and private sectors in Slovakia. Quality and portfolio of services enables rapid, efficient and successful on time project delivery and thus contributes to a rapid return on investment.

EU Subsidy Consultancy

We have helped many organisations successfully obtain various grants and subsidies from the EU structural funds program, grant schemes, state aid, grants of ministries and bilateral donor programs.

Our consultants provide the widest range of services commencing advice in specific aspects of the application process for a grant through the development of individual parts of a project through to complex processing of a "turnkey contract". The scope and range of support is based on customer's requirements.

Within the consulting services we provide:

  • Consultations on the selection of a funding source for projects
  • Financial analyses, business and marketing plans
  • Project partner searching for applicants
  • Preparation of an application and related documentation

Business Consultancy

From strategy to operations. From business to IT. From small projects to large programs. We are ready to assist in the implementation of the business strategy and business transformation process, utilizing the latest in modern technologies.

Our goal is to evolve from a position as an external consultant to a long-term, future-oriented and close cooperation. Our experts in partnership with our customers to help define the strategic and operational objectives and through selected strategies help our clients to fulfil their vision.

We provide the following consulting services in the following areas:

  • Business strategy and architecture
  • Business analysis, models and case studies
  • Optimization of business processes
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Business Intelligence

IKT Consultancy

We help support our customers transform IT solutions and support them in maximization of value from existing systems and new investments. Our experts have experience with legacy as well as modern technologies.

We specialize in helping organizations co-create a vision of IT direction using appropriate tools, architectures, processes, following of standards, vendor management, etc.

Within our consulting services we cover the following topics:

  • IT Strategy
  • IT Architecture and Design
  • IT Security
  • Testing
  • Big data

Project and Programs Implementation

We provide project management services individually tailored to your company to help you fulfil your business goals and objectives.

We will assess your planned projects and suggest to you the optimal organizational project structure, project roles definition and the qualifications of personnel, effective use of human capacity and technical resources viable project plan, a plan for monitoring and measuring the quality of the project and risk management procedures. We implement your projects in a professional context. We provide program management of all ongoing projects making use of their mutual synergies. We implement projects with world-recognized methodologies PMI, IPMA, PRINCE2.

Within our consulting services we cover the following topics:

  • Design methodology and standards
  • Project and Program management
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Independent supervision of project quality (Q&A)
  • External project and financial management of projects financed by the EU

Behavioral Innovations

We provide Behavioral Innovations. Our Behavioral Innovation approach is based on understanding, identifying what inherent barriers are blocking the awaited outcome and how to work to overcome them so innovation opportunities can emerge.

Innovation is not invention. An invention is generally a product or a process and something you can see. Innovation is different. To innovate, we must ask why someone does something rather than asking what he or she does. We must design with the intent to influence or persuade, and then deliver an experience that is both meaningful and measurable to the buyer or user. That then becomes the value proposition.

Rent IT experts and IT outsourcing services

We provide a wide range of services and flexible cooperation models in the segment of ICT, including outsourcing, body shop, leasing team and project work through the use of language and technologically savvy local and mainly proven IT experts.

We build not only a multi-year experience of our consultants with services in the segment of the ICT in the Central European market, but also a strong synergy and exchange of information within a group of partner organizations - sharing group know-how. We have built a very good facilities and specialist consultants who guarantee professional work.

Within the framework of hiring IT experts we cover a wide range of industries ranging from telecommunications, across the energy, financial services, transport, public sector and software development.



3sixty consulting s.r.o.

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VAT number: SK2022735374

Bank: Tatra banka, a.s.
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We are hiring both experienced professionals and graduates from the IT industry with proven experience, strong problem solving and excellent interpersonal skills.

Are you a student or a recent graduate? Our company perceives students as one of the most important groups in the selection of staff. We are looking for a new colleagues. We offer excellent opportunities for personal and professional development, interesting work environments on our client projects in a young, dynamic team and support in making maximum use of the opportunities provided. We offer the possibility of permanent employment or part-time employment, as well as internships.

Send us your CV and we'll come back to you in 24 hours.

Are you an IT professional? We are interested to work with you. We offer co-operation and partnership across all type of projects. We provide IT consultants for both domestic and foreign companies.

Send us a link to your LinkedIn profile, please provide us information about your availability on potential projects and how best to contact you: telephone and email.

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